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freeview turns self of then comes on?

hi my logik freview box will all of a suden turn its self of then come back on again any idea as to what it could be please

July 2013
Well the all of a sudden piece will because you will not be expecting it.

The cause may be due to an interruption in the external power - a bad connection - but it's more likely to be a heat-related fault in the freeview box. A failing component or perhaps a bad joint.

As the box warms up the fault comes on at a certain temperature - then it begins to cool down and the fault goes away and it begins to work for a while.

In a previous life I used to observe faults like this and we used to use a can of Sevisol freezer spray (Amazon £11) to selectively cool parts of the equipment to discover the failing piece.

Heat faults are often - but not exclusively - in the internal dc power supply of the equipment.

Have a go at repairing it - have someone else do it for you - or buy a new box.

Good luck...

July 2013

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