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My Polaroid PDV-0700 DVD Screen went White....the sound doesnt work?

The Hing Of My Polaroid got broken but the screen still worked, now all of a sudden (After 9 months of the hing being broken) The Sound doesnt work and the screen is white when i try to play a DVD. I took it apart and fixed the hing and it still doesnt work! What should I do?

December 2004
I agree the cable probably broke. Mine got sheared. If you are handy you can replace the cable but take notes on what you take apart. Screws all different length, cable bend distances are critical, the loop through the hinge, cable contacts up or down etc. Another cable can be purchased from Andrews Electronics in Santa Clarita CA. Phone 800 274 4666. Part number is either RT26-1 or RT26-2. Difference being if the contacts are on the same side of the cable or opposite sides.

John Boecker
March 2005
It's likely that the hinge being broken for so long put pressure on the cable(s) between the display unit and the console and they have now broken. You'll need to get it repaired.

January 2005

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