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I have a minivator 950 that has stopped working?

i moved he 950 from my mother in laws house after she passed away and installed it into my dads house. where it worked for about a week und then just died.
on further examination I found it needed new brushes to run up the track so it could re charge the battery.
I fitted those and after 2 days popped back and it seemed to be charged but now it will not run.
It has a - in the display but cganges to 8 when I press up, or 9 when I press then changes to a C on the display. my dad is 90 and needs this lift but no-one will come out to it because I installed it.
I just need some one to tell me how to fix it if they don't want to do it but they wont even tell me over the phone, let alone come out to look at it and then tell me how to fix it.
My dad cannot afford to scrap it and spend another £ 3000 on a new one.
Minivator-manufacturer...wont touch it
EMS repair/servicers...wont touch it.

Steve S
June 2013
I have just bought a minivator 950 second hand. It was designed to fit on the LH wall, but I need it on the RH wall.
Luckily my dad is good with metal work, I have rewired the stairlift to bypass most of the safety switches, and plan to use it with just the foot plate reversed and modified, and a pole to hold instead of the seat. I am unable to bend my right knee so sitting is not an option.

Anyhow, in answer to your question, I need to replace the brushes as well. Damn expensive! But I have found a parts list and the user manual. If you want a copy send me an email direct.

Then the at symbol

Darren Parris
August 2013
hi steve.......i am a ex stannah stairlift engineer and came across your problem..i looked at my paperwork on the minivator 950 and on the diagnostic display when showing - is normal and 8 and 9 are just a directional code which is normal but when it goes to the letter "c" the ir[infra red] address[dip switch]does not match.....there are 2 dip switches on the main pcb in carriage....according to the diagram dip 1 which is just left below the 9 way connector first 1 and 2 up and 3 and 4 down.then dip 2 on the right 1234 all down unless you have a hinge fitted...if these look ok and you have not touch these then turn the lift off and wait 10-15 seconds,then power the lift back on..........hope this will help..good luck..........paul....portsmouth/uk

June 2013

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Mend Household Appliances, Stairlifts
Find out how to mend Minivator 950 stairlifts

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Mend Household Appliances, Stairlifts
Find out how to mend Minivator 950 stairlifts