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12 volt system is not working in my caravan?

I have had my built in caravan charger tested & told it is not working.I know this can be by-passed. So, when I install a fully charged battery to power the 12 volt system the only thing that works is the indicator light on the change over (car to van) switch. None of the other switches work (ie pump,fan,ect.ect) nor does any of the 12 volt lighting. The change over switch indicates I have some power. I have checked all known fuses. Can anybody help. Would be most appreciated.

May 2013
It could well be a fault on the Car/caravan 3position switch. ie:car/caravan/towing centre being the correct setting for towing.

Indicator light shows current going to the switch but not coming through switch to feed 12v system. Of course this assumes ithe switch is not jammed in the mid postion which powers fridge via tow cable.

I think the switch is a push fit pull it out and test the 'out going wires with a multimeter or a circuit tester for cars(best one is the steel with screw cap over the spike.)

What you could do if you have bypassed the charger, econnect through the charger as it was and see if all 12v system works if so the go by that leave the charger in the ciruit a look for another charger through caravan breakers.
I think the confused bob did not read the car caravan switch bit of your question. Failing that look for a disconnecte wire which may be the cause.

from another Bob
May 2013
Has your caravan not got a 12v car.van switch?.This usually turns 12v system on without the battery charger being on.Little confused???

May 2013

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