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Re Hazelhock AC plus timer?

My gardener fitted this irrigation system box unit last May 2012
There was a a little black knob in the centre for setting the required watering times.
This has fallen off and got lost now.
Has anybody else had this problem?
what did you do?

Tricia Colby
April 2013
Virtually all control knobs sit on a 1/4" shaft - Amazon sell them - they do a nice Guitar pair for £2.93 post free - or a pack of 10 Black plastic ones for £2.53 post free.

All that should concern you is the length of the shaft you have protruding from the box - so the screw has something to bite into when you fix it on.

Alternatively rob one from a piece of redundant equipment you have lying around - some knobs just pull off and others have a tiny grub screw to hold them on.

Good luck...

April 2013

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