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how can i fix my alternator ,ford falcon EA 1988?

Can I put a ford falcon 1992 EB ,alternator into my ford falcon 1988 EA, .My EA is starting to drain my battery when I turn my head lights on and when I turn them off it starts charging again.

April 2013
Im not sure I understand your question, You say ford falcon 1992 EB? and 1988 EA. What are these numbers? last I can remember ford stopped making ford falcon's well before 1988 unless they had a remake later on that I don't know about The last time I remember a falcon was a 1964 falcon 2-door with a 4 cylinder and a 3 speed manual transmition with a colum shifter, they called it a (3 on the tree). If I remember right those cars had a altinator and some had the regulator built right into the altinator itself and older ones had a seperate voltage regulator mounted on the wheel well, If it's not working, witch ever one it is you can have it tested then just call up your autoparts store and ask to order a replacement and if they cant get you a replacement altinator or regulator There are places where you can get it replaced or some places can re-build it for you as in new windings and regulator assembly. You might be able to get a complete replacement through JC Whitney or other antique car supliers. and then just switch it out.

April 2013

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