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Connection Hayter Harrier 306 ignition Wire?

Hi. I have a Hayter harrier autodrive lawnmower type 306.
The ignition coil need refitting, Where and how does fit?
How can I add photo?

April 2013
Thanks Peccavi, this has now been resolved, it seems its a connection or break, not sure which does which, but all working again, many thanks.

April 2013
The coils is just a transformer - low voltage in (lots of coils) high voltage out to jump the gap and make a spark.

One side of the coil input will be the source and the other side will just be a connection to ground - the chassis of the machine - it will not matter much where or how this connection is made.

I know nothing about lawn mowers and precious little of motor car electrics.

Good luck...

April 2013
This wire has a spade terminal at one end, and the other has a plastic terminal looking part with a wire with a loop,
I think its from ignition coil to the carb fittings, this end is the end in question.
Where O where does it go
Thanks in advance.

April 2013


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