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I want to stop condensation forming?

I hve condensation forming on a small wall i have painted in matt emulsion.The wall is becoming stained and i constantly wipe off the mould,

Can i paint two coats of neat PVA, then before the 2nd coat of PVA has dried paint watered down emusion on top, then a second coat.

March 2013
Yes you can do that but it will not stop the condensation forming.

Warm air in your property carries moisture around and when it finds something cold (your wall) it cools and is forced to release some of the water it's holding.

To stop the condensation forming provide some ventilation - open some windows and close some doors - keep the steam down. Buy, rent or borrow a dehumidifier - there'll be lingering damp in the fabric of the room which won't help - it builds up over time. Nip down to your nearest garden centre or Amazon and buy a cheap humidity meter - be surprised by what it tells you.

March 2013

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