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can someone help me i have an lg television?

and for some reason whenever i try and turn it on the only thing appears on the screen is a few numbers and then i will try and turn again and the word volume will show up but in spanish can someone please help me, but when i try messing with the tv to get it working more numbers will appear does anyone knows whats going one.

mrs carter
March 2013
I suspect - I don't know and just guess...

Modern TVs have the ability to show Digital TV (DTV) - Analogue TV (ATV)- Input from a DVD box (AV1 say) From a Computer etc...

My TV alows me to select 8 different input sources.

The TV does not know which input I wish it to display - usually it's digital - DTV but not always - I have to tell it what I want.

There's a button on top of my set with a symbol showing a circle with an arrow going into it - look for something similar on your set - call up Digital TV.

The selector may be on your remote control - it might be marked Source.

Good luck...

March 2013

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