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Risco GT-480 Strobe stays on?

I recently moved house, and there's ageneric alarm fitted. I've tracked it down as a Risco, the control panel is a GT-480.
The external box leds flash, and the strobe flashes too. I've armed and reset, and the code I have must be a manager code because it lets me into the settings, but I can't find a way to turn the strobe off.
I'd be more than happy to just disconnect the whole thing to be honest - but I can't see how to power it all off.

January 2013
It is a fault on the PCB which seems to follow an electric storm. It isn't repairable. Put the strobe wire onto PG1 and program it to bell follow

Steve Pratt
September 2015
Sorry, should have been more specific. I have researched, looked up, downloaded the manual, done everything it says, but there are no errors indicated and the stribe light continues to flash. The manual does not say anything about performing a full reset, or any troubleshooting.

January 2013
Read the how's,wont's and why's on resetting :)

e manno
January 2013
The user manual is here
Read it and then come back with your question.

January 2013


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