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NEFF H5474N0GB manuals available?

Thanks for the info mm. Where can I get an engineers manual for the above microwave? I'm ok with the technology ( I work in high power RF broadcast engineering) but need circuit diagrams to fault find.

January 2013
This microwave has an inverter pcb to generate the high voltage, you have to remove the magnetron fan housing complete then split it to get to the board you will probably not see any visible fault. The board is protected by an internal fuse which has probably blown but the fuse is not on the board but on the main pcb behind the oven facia. I would think inverter faulty but costs arm and leg. Microwave repairs should only be done by trained persons.. lethal voltage present. Cheers

January 2013
Not an easy task finding engineering schematics.

The manufacturer(s) will guard them closely to stop Joe Public having a go and electrocuting himself.

People who have them will want you to pay them to do the work.

mm may know a secret source

Good luck

January 2013

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