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How can i set night mode on my alarm?

I have recently moved into a new home. There is a Honeywell 8EP416 Accenta Optima Led Alarm already here. We have the installers manual but not the user manual. We have worked out how to set the alarm fully for the whole house when we we're out but can't work out how to set the night mode.

Any one got any ideas?

John P
December 2012
Sorry prog 1 is full set, 2 and 3 progs are part sets.

As said before try prog 3.

e manno
December 2012
Pop your code in press P then either 1 2 or 3

Prog 3 is usually set up for night set,

Try the three part sets and see which sensors remain in play and which are omitted from the system.

Don't just stand there at the keypad though go upstairs as if you were going bed .... Nite Nite zzzzzzzzz.

e manno
December 2012

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