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Most monitors quit because of faulty Capacitors or broken solder connection The capacitors are crappy cheap ones they put in the monitors made in China ..don't last, so I know a guy who puts better quality ones in (16 volt instead of 10) and they are made in US... quality stuff. Bingo I have a monitor that last another few years for 35 bucks. This guy fixed a 15 k( A gin broken solder and captivators) projector that an Oil company threw out for 20 bucks and sold it for 2K

November 2012
Just because a capacitor has higher voltage rating, that does NOT mean that it is of higher quality. The only way to predict quality is by buying a known good brand.

December 2012
It depends on what capacitor is faulty. On a CTR monitor, it's often the flyback capacitor that have a problem. This baby is a 10KV to 100KV beast that may cost as much as a new monitor...

December 2012


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