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ford fiesta indicator fault?

my son has a x reg fiesta and the drivers side indicator has started to come on ( not flash) over night. it has happened sometimes when driving but mostly when tha car is just sat locked up.
the only way to get it working is by switching the hazzards on/off till it flashes again.
any help would be great as when it does it at night it flattens the battery and only just starts during the day as its not left as long.
many thanks.

October 2012
These early Fords Fiestas escorts ect often developed indicator faults due dust poor connection in the hazard switch unit, which often was eleviated by rapid pressing of the hazard button on and off, you could also try using a switch contact cleaner such as servisol. also check indicator relay if all fails replace hazard/indicator switch normaly same unit.

L.J.B Autos Wolverhampton.
October 2012

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