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piriform -ccleaner -registry scan --problems found?

ccleaner --registry scan found --
missing shared dll
unused file ext
invalid or empty file class
activex + installer issue
installer ref. issue
old start mem. key
missing start up software
+ few others

can i fix / delete these ?

rather worried jacky --again
August 2012
many many thanks eletro
your a star --all good now
cheers xxx

happy jacky
August 2012
can i delete the '' activex class ....'' YES!

If it's needed by any process, it will be recreated. As I said earlier, activex problems MUST be corrected as they can introduce very serious vulnerabilities.

August 2012
many thanks again --electro
can i delete the '' activex class ....''
as 'iobit ' stated it was high risk

was a deep registry scan --is it ok?

August 2012
Some activex applets and elements are used for some nefarious ends. It MUST be corrected.

ANY obsolete and unused item can be suppressed safely, but nothing wrong will appen if you don't do anything.

If any diagnostic utility ever ask you to pay to upgrade to the full version in order to rapair the found problems, DON'T EVER PAY ANYTHING! That's an absolute sign that it's a rogue scanner. If you pay, it WON'T repair the "problem" as there realy was no real problem found, but instead, it may install some realy nasty things.

August 2012
by the way electro
i have iobit -systemcare
did a deep registry scan found --

activex class issue ( high risk )
unused file ext. (low )
obselete history (low )

can these be deleted

August 2012
your certainly the 'man ' for this stuff

ccleaner also found --
open with application issue
invalid default icon

can i delete these ?

happier jacky
August 2012
You can fix those without any problem. They are all related to applications that are no longer installed. It can also arise after some update when the new version no longer use some older components.

missing shared dll: Left over from an unstalled application.
unused file ext: Another left over.
invalid or empty file class: Related to the aqbove.
activex + installer issue: An uninstaller left references to itself after use.
installer ref. issue: Same as above
old start mem. key: Left over from an unsinstall
missing start up software: Same

August 2012


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