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Pre-set Recording over viewing currant programme?

I have a Humax FOXSAT-HDR Free View Box conected to a Sat Dish. When I pre-set to record a channel, and are watching another, when the pre-set channel starts to record it switch's to that channel, so I can only watch that channel. I can cancel it to get out. Can you please help. Many thanks.

Ken Moore
May 2012
First of all see T's solution and make sure that the freesat box has two feeds.

Then ...

On the FOXSAT-HDR increasing the number of feeds to the FOXSAT-HDR from one feed to two feeds will not alone resolve the problem.
The FOXSAT-HDR will only use the second feed if that second feed is in place during what the manual describes as 'first time installation'.
After connecting with a second feed selecting 'default setting' on the menus will force another 'first time installation' and the second feed should now be recognised.

See the following link for details by Graham L Thompson of what appears to be an alternative and easier method of forcing a Humax FOXSAT-HDR to switch from a single feed to a dual feed:

June 2012
Assuming that you in fact have a Freesat box, rather than a Freeview box, you need two feeds from the dish to be able to record one channel while watching another. This will mean that the dish needs at least a dual LNB. (In order to provide two feeds to the Freesat box.)

BTW, Freeview boxes connect to ordinary TV antennae. Freesat boxes connect to dishes.

May 2012


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