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Chevrolet Matiz ABS problem.....?

Just had my car looked over at a local garage

Problems were as follows

found play in the nearside rear wheel bearing
nearside front abs ring snapped
offside front slight brake bind
slight knock on rear exhaust
offside rear seat not clicking into place securely

The car is a 07 chevrolet matiz

Ive been quoted £480 for the ABS ring ... Anyone know of any cheaper ways to sort this out?..... Apparently you have to buy the whole driveshaft from a dealer...this cant be right!!

May 2012
Hi ABS rings for 2001 Matiz 800cc are 1.99 on ebay, i know because i just bought one.

August 2014
try ebay they sell abs rings separatley

May 2012
Yes it can be right, some Peugeot`s are the same and are bad for breaking rings on shafts,I did contact a motor factors and they did supply rings separately but they would have needed the old ring for comparison and would entail stripping the front suspension to fit the ring,it depends how handy you are with tools,another option would be a scrappy for a 2nd hand shaft to cut costs.

May 2012


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