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How can I fix my two ebac 2000 2850 dehumidifiers , please ?

Over the last few years, I have purchased four ebac 2850 dehumidifiers for myself and for others of my family. Two
Have just stopped working. Having contacted Miss M.Herring,
She admits that the problem is due to the PCB, which MY
Electrician had diagnosed. However the machine is now covered as it had been opened. If they had THEIR engineer,
It would have cost over £50 for the replacement and another
Over £50 for delivery and labour! Almost half the price of
Buying a new one !!
There must be something wrong with design or surely would
Two of my four machines stop working. P.S. they were bought
At different times. Please Help, thank you, H.

H Poole
May 2012
how do i fix a micro switch on an ebac 2000e dehumidifier please.

Lynda Grainger
September 2012
look at the answer i have given to the next question

July 2012

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