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mikomi mouse ,can not open my emails ?

How do i get my mikomi mouse to open my emails,it is lk802a 3volt 10ma wireless mouse. please help!

Bud Williams
February 2012
When you move your mouse, does the cursor moves at all?
If not...
1 - The mouse may be set OFF. Turn it ON.
2 - The batterys need to be recharged or changed. Put in freshly recharged rechareable batterys or new battarys.
3 - The communication interface is not properly connected. Make sure that it's properly connected.

Can you sellect anything using your mouse? Can you use it to start any application?
If yes, then the problem is NOT with the mouse, but somewhere else.
In this case, it's not a hardware problem, but a software problem, or a useage problem.
Please ask again in Software, emails with the programm used to access your emails. If some webmail, also, the webmail provider.

February 2012

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