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snapper riding mower won't stay running in gear, seat safety disconnected?

My snapper SR1433 has already had the safety switch under the seat disconnected and now won't stay running when put in gear. When I release the emergency brake in neutral or in gear and let off the brake clutch the motor dies.

February 2012
they often have more than one safety device ie cutter engage, neutral, brake on at start up, i've taken all of them off, they're a pain in the arse because they always go wrong. modern ride ons all have them

mike 51
March 2012
Unless there is something wrong with the seat switch and it stopped working after it was unplugged, I would plug the seat switch back in. If you must leave it unplugged, there should be two wires that go to that switch. Yellow and Brown. You need to use a jumper wire and bridge them together. The interlock requires that both signals are present from the seat switch and the deck interlock in order for the mower to run. You have interupted the signal that comes from the seat switch.

February 2012

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