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reset lamp hours?

i have a plus u2-1080 projector.the projector turned its self off because of lamp hours.
i replaced the lamp bot i have no remote to reset the lamp hours

January 2012
On my projector epson emp-5500 there is a fuse on the bulb carrage unit that you take out. Replacing this fuse makes the computer think you bought a new bulb in a new carrage. It then blows the fuse on purpose on first power up with it in so as not to reset again. It is a small surface mount fuse soldered on. You can read the spec on the fuse. Replace with the same type. So you may get more hours out of the old bulb but it will eventually get dimmer. Or put in a bare bulb off ebay, never touch the bulb with bare fingers it contaminates and causes early failer when next turned on with the heat, use gloves. A scam and a half! I hope this helps.

March 2012

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