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DIY Help needed Optoma EzPro 737 response / remote / find source problem?

Hi, since I last time by accident pressed the "source" key on the remote control while everything

was working fine, my optoma ezpro 737 does not find back the source it accepted to that point, nor

responses to remote control or on-device control any more. It still powers on and off, brings heat-

up and search source, no source messages, but no picture coming any more and resetting over device

menue not possible since that button push any more. I tried optoma support but they say too old, too

expensive ... I'd be so sad if I'd have to toss this otherwise great device, just used a few times

since bought in 2004. I opened up the casing to see if there would be a reset knob or something

optoma support wouldn't know of or something to get it reset ... but didn't find anything. If

someone knows a trick how to bring it back to work would be great. Here is some photos attached.


December 2011


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