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can I screw into a UPVC to fix a curtain pole?

I want to fix curtain poles around my conservatory to hang pleated curtains. The curtains are their for show and not to used. How do I fix the poles into the upvc

Mrs Julie Evans
November 2011
Uvpc units, have thin metal box section inside it, for strength and rigidity, so you will need to drill into that as well, Do not drill on a joint, that is upvc only. The fixtures will probably be stonger than on conventional wood windows, so no problem hanging anything, use a self tapping type of screw, better grip and it will go in easier, and stay longer.
They do say anything like that decreases the insulation, but for a 1mm hole, I do not think it will reduce it to any extent that you will notice. If you need to remove the fittings, later on, use a upvc adhesive/small gap filler, that will then reseal the unit.

November 2011

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