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how to reboot the compaq?

a problem has been detected and windoews has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.i have try f8 and satr in safe mode and then it just takes me back to the blue scer

September 2011
That screen is usually caused by a problem with the File System. (Assuming that you have an anti-virus program it is unlikely to be virus.)

The solution is to boot from a Windows CD and run chkdsk /r .

BTW, I suspect that you don't mean "reboot". Booting is what you do every time your switch the computer on.

September 2011
Try this:
Click Start Menu
Click Run
Type in or any url you might be able to access the internet that way. If you can there's hope. Could mean a personal hack or a virus has wiped 'something' needed. If you are able to access the net by the above way.....the quickest way is to head over to or and do a free virus scan then down load a patch if needed.
Failing that.....this link tells you how to do it in doss mode....better than I could relate....

September 2011

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