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emachine model t3401 needs update registry?

my emachine computer say need to update registry ?

August 2011
Hi Kathy,
Here's some info for you and you can down load it free to fix the problem....I take No Responsibility for the link as I have not personally used this one. You could always email them and ask a few questions before you hit the down load....Or not. The first post was good advice.....Get a good virus software...there are many on the net that are free and they work well enough.
Here's the link for the Registry Cleaner/Fix.

September 2011
What made you think that it's needed?

You DON'T update the registry, you NEVER do it and NEVER need to do it.

You may need to update dome drivers, but only if new drivers are realy needed. Typicaly, you install some new piece of hardware, install the drivers that come with it, check on the hardware maker's site if there are new drivers. If there are new ones, you download them and install over your previous drivers then reboot the computer. After 1 year or 2, it becomes rather pointless to try geting new drivers for that material.

You routinely update applications as new versions become available.

You MUST ALWAYS enable Windows auto update. It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! It effeciently protect against all kind of treats. Several virus depent on unpatched flaws that may have been patched a few years ago... The author hope that you did not use the auto update to have your computer infected.

The content of the registry changes whenever you install or uninstall applications or drivers.
Several applications routinely save their configuration in the registry.
You MUST NOT try to edit the registry unless you have precise and reliable instructions about exactly what to do. Change the wrong thing and you NUKE your computer and can be left with no other option than reinstalling from scratch.

Some fake utilities may tel you something about "updating" the registry, but it's only a scam to push you into paying good mony for absolutely nothing, or doing things that can actualy damage your computer.

August 2011


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