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ebac 2800e dehumidifier condenser runs on?

ebac 2800e when swiching off the condenser keeps on running and gets hot

August 2011
Hi James, I went to add a 'related question' but it did not appear as if it would be categorised as related to yours. So:
I have the same model (2800e) and, apparently, the same problem. Michelle at Ebac wasn't an unlimited source of information. Do you think it could be the electronics? £50 for part if so, from Ebac, who have no approved agents.
'Gas' refill needed? Cold weather (room)?
2800e discontinued. 2650e nearest current.
If you have found someone who has cured it, could you please kindly post? 01372 463570 I'm coming round to hoping it just needs a re-gas. But worry in case the design is liable to this frequently. (The black plastic stopper? showing externally at back doesn't inspire confidence). Esher Surrey. Well I've just tried it again, after several weeks of not trying to use it. I got 5 seconds of operation of something (perhaps more of a fan than of a compressor) on providing power, then tried to set the desired humidity, when it stopped working and won't start again. Could a low pressure (from having lost gas?) cause the control system to not provide a working user interface (eg. disabled by a 'low pressure' disabling switch?)

Christopher Johns
February 2012

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