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how can I fix my Fisher and Paykel Smart Drive 9, Kelvinator 2 Fresh 5?

Hi, at the start of a cycle the machine will attempt to fill with water, stop, try again- this happens a few times until the machine starts beeping. It shows a light sequence of the 2nd and 4th and 6th and 7th lights glowing. It drains okay (if you fastforward to drain) until it starts to spin then it does it again.
Please Help!

Frustrated Mum!
August 2011
Are you sure those are the exact lights on at the beep? If so then you have an unusual but serious problem. It means there is a problem with either the display circuit board or the main control board. The only way to know which one is to replace 1st the display board and see if that cures the fault. If fault still there then replace the main controller board. You do not want to go spending big money buying both when you don't need both. Best to get a service company come and they can try their spare boards to see which one you need.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
August 2011

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