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Display setting: problem with Display Adapters?

I have AST Ascentia M6000 running Windows 98. When blanked hard disk is loaded with Windows, hardware detection finds "Default Monitor", "ATI VGA Wonder" (display adapter) AND "Standard PCI Graphics Adapter". Both adapters are assigned the same resource setttings, with preference given to Standard PCI Graphics: however, this does not support fine resolution display (800x600). If you remove it, the ATI VGA Wonder adapter says it would work if it could, but needs a "main display adapter". Hardware detection finds "Standard PCI Graphics" again at restart but still assigns it to the same resource settings: and these CANNOT be changed - a message pops up saying so if you try (same if you try to change the ATI VGA Wonder). If you remove ATI VGA Wonder, hardware detection cannot find it again; but if you install it manually it conflicts with the Standard adapter again!

July 2011
click start click run and type msconfig you may find help there? try normal start up.

July 2011

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