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How can I service a Briggs & Stratton Petrol Engine?

I want to carry out a full stripdown and service on my Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine as it now seems to be burning a lot of oil. Diagrams would help.

August 2003
The easiest way is to buy the Haynes manual. Its a bit pricey at £14 but covers all major lawnmower engines - not just B&S and it really is a mine of information with lots of pictures too!

I used it to strip down mine and now it purrs like a Rolls Royce!

John Wylde
May 2004
Has the engine been tipped up onto its side at all?
That would cause it to smoke a bit for a while.

Ted Burns
December 2003
you may have to replace the oil filter there may be a hole and the oil is burning through...if the exaust is a dark blue that is defenintly the problem.

December 2003
Before you strip it down, Could it be that you have over-filled the engine with oil?

September 2003


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