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98 Cherokee liftgate won't open.?

My 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gold Edition Liftgate won't open.. The power lock actuator is OK..I can hear it lock and unlock..Yesterday I opened the Liftgate by pushing inward at the bottom of the gate and pulling on the handle at the sametime... Today that does not work...The Liftgate looks off center... It is closer to the driver side frame but not touching..There are no dents in the back so I don't think it has been hit..Maybe the hinges? Or the latch assembly?? I can't fix it if I can't get it open.. Help!!

May 2011
Just a suggestion, If closer one side than other, try putting it out of level. ie put one wheel up on the kerb, as it is driver side closer, try rear offside wheel on kerb. Should not really move that much, But they all flex a bit, might be just enough.

May 2011


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