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how do i re-tension a velux roller blind?

need to no how to fix tension on velux roller blind

April 2011
I also had a tension problem with a velux rollerblind. I had to take it off the window frame and carefully dismantle the whole thing to get to the end tube where the tension mechanism is, and guess what, the spring had unscrewed from the other end and so no tension was possible by turning until I had rethreaded the spring. Once the spring was rethreaded I put it back together again and it works as goog as new.

July 2012
Take it off window, the fitting on the right hand side(should be, but check. By looking at the end, if you can see a rectangular metal in the middle opening, its the other end), will need to be unclipped, hold all the rest together, by hand. You should then be able to ease the blind away from the frame, and turn the blind part to increase the tension, keep the blind in the fitting at the end, you dont need a lot of tension, to hold the blind closed, once set refit end piece.

April 2011


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