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How to fix an Audi A4 powerhood?

My a4 convertibles hood will unlock, fold and unlock the rear hood cover, raise it then stops. If I have the hood down & locked ( manually) it won't come up at all, just says carnt be used on the dash. How do I diagnose this fault & repair it?

April 2011
Best thing is take it to an Audi dealer, this of course will involve a whole lot of money, transfered from your pocket to theirs. Buy these fancy cars, pay the price, doh!

April 2011
make sure luggage / storage area is clear u can return it manually and lock it and retry again if it still stops it would be best toget it tested with a fault code reader as you may have a roof switch/sensor fault there are several switches on this roof you may find manual tool in side fouse box and can be tricky to get it to work [been there!]

April 2011


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