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kawasaki zrx 1100?

my kwaka keeps leaving a pool of petrol after a run and is switched off it also sounds as if its running on 3 when going thru the gears steadily but when i give it some it seems to clear any suggestions pls

benson uk
March 2011
Hi, this is the air cooled 1100 with 37mm carbs, you have the classic symptoms of at least one flooding carb, should be overflow pipes from under each carb exiting under the engine somewhere, find the pipe that's peeing out the go juice & trace it back to the offending carb, remove float bowl & check for punctured float, sticking float and/or needle, loose needle jet, damaged/worn float needle pointy end or muck in the needle jet holding the needle off its seat. Might be worth cleaning the plug(s) as one could be sooted up.

March 2011


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