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What's wrong with my PC?

My computer is running very slow when I’m working on nearly thing I do.
(Photoshop, the Internet, Uploading photos from my library Etc):
I open up the Windows Task Manager (Performance) and found that the PCU Usage was running at 100%, so I closed everything down I was running and watched the Performance drop right down, but every 30 seconds it would still jump up to 100% for a couple of seconds. (PC-AMD Sempron Processor-160Gh H/Drive & 1Gig Ram)(Windows XP)
Could any one till me my problem?

March 2011
Do what Jamie said - if you can - it will certainly speed up the start up process - it might not however speed up the machine's responsiveness. An application or process is probably "hogging" the CPU waiting for something to happen that is not happening...

When you use Task Manager click on the Processes Tab to see where all the cycles are going - that might give you a clue of how to proceed.

Also consider returning to a restore point of a time before the slowness began. Last time I have a problem like you describe a return to a restore point solved it for me.

Good luck...

March 2011
Click Start ... Run ... type ... msconfig ... click OK ... in new box choose Start Up ... untick all of the boxes bar the one that looks as though it might be your anti virus ... click apply click OK ... restart the machine ... in the new box that comes up on start up accept the changes and click the box for it not to repaet the message.


March 2011

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