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Beko WMXD760W doesnt do anything that requires the drum to turn!?

Hi there,

My Beko washing machine is not working. When I select a program and hit the Start button, it does nothing. If I hold down the start button for 3 seconds to reset, it will start a cycle but not finish it.

If at that point it is on Wash, it fills with water, gets to heating stage, sit for a few minutes, countdown does not go down, then it drains and empties.

On drain cycle it will empty but wont spin. Countdown does not go down, it just drains then finishes program.

We got a repairman out, he changed the motor (still didn't work) then changed the control board (still didnt work), then did a few tests which said everything was ok!!!

I can't find anything that tells me how to do a complete reset but after messing around a little I got it to give an H14 error which is apparently control board.... but as stated that was changed and it still didnt work (no idea if the guy put the old one back in, probably! - but even so replacing it did not fix the problem).

Can anyone help, I am at my wits end and washing is piling up everywhere :(



February 2011
its difficult to answer this but if the motor and pcb have been replace ?? and it still didn't work then you need to look at wiring,heater insulation,pressure switch.It seems as though the motor doesn't rotate which is causing the issue?.having said that I had one doing this due to the heat sensor wiring being broken.this is the connection to the centre bit in the element

February 2011

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