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cannot locate the thermostat reset button?

i have a saunier duval thema f23 combi boiler british gas has fit a new heat exchanger and pump we still get a loud wooshing noise through the system as it seems to overheat in the manual it says press the red reset button on the right hand side of the thermostat but i cannot seem to locate it

February 2011
Thanks, that helped a lot.
Found it at the top of the pipe ( ours was on the left side ).
Now have hot water again !

Julian, London
December 2015
you have to remove large white front panel and the stat is on the right hand side of the heat exchanger on one of the copper pipes the " red button " is about the same diameter as the lead in a pencil and is in the centre of the stat which itself is only about 20 mm diameter easy to find once you've found it good luck

February 2011

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