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How do I diagnose a fault with my Securit 700L alarm?

My Securit 700L alarm is not engaging whenever I input the code. There is no light showing on the panel (usually a green light under "mains" indicator) and all PIR's are constantly showing a red LED. Does this by chance indicate that a new fuse or battery is reqired?? The fuse at the mains box is ok so I believe electricity is getting to it. Any help much appreciated

K Smyth
January 2011
2nd sentence, is why I did not answer.

I've no idea how people manage to get through life with no thought process.

January 2011
let me get this right,you have no mains indicator on the panel,does that not tell you some thing???
if it does not,get some one in who knows what they are doing,before you kill your self

January 2011

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