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tring to repair my polaroid laser dvd player POLAROID PDM2727 model?

it keeps reading no disc when it has one and it seems as if it's not turning at all.

August 2006
Although this is not an answer to the problem, it may help us find one. I have some of the same problems with my player just spinning trying to look for the DVD or it will say bad disc. Sometimes it will start playing and just skip a lot. I think the problem is with the drive motor that spins the DVD. I have opened my player and "jimmy'ed" the door actuator and then spun the disc with my finger. It starts to play fine. I am on the path of looking for a replacement motor or someone to repair it.

October 2008
You have to start one monitor and then the other, try the monitors one at a time. monitor #1 and then with monitor #1 on, start Monitor #2, If the problem keeps occuring try monitor #2 and then with monitor #2 on, start monitor #1.

Big Willy
March 2008

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