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lock out problem with heatslave oil boiler?

I have a worcester greenstar heatslave 18/25 oil boiler. Its aprox 4 years old and is driving me and my engineer nuts. All sugestions welcome. It locks out when the heating is off, it will restart once I reset the lockout button. Sometimes on the 1st reset but usually on the second. Its had regular servicing, a new controll box, a new oil nozzle, it has fuel at all the right mixes, tried installing a tiger loop and still it continues to lockout. I can only use the manual controls as it usually has locked out when cold. HELP !

January 2011
my boiler the oil has no pressure but i cant get it to engage, you can hear it spark and i know i have a good supply of oil

November 2012
our wb 18/25 boiler is doing the same thing.
did you manage to fix yours ?
if yes,what did you do to fix it.

d p lloyd
October 2011
It could be a number of things, really need to listen to it as it goes through it's firing sequence.
Can you hear it sparking, if not could be the transformer. Could be a split electrode lead shorting.
Have you tested the solenoid?
Is the oil pressure and air setting correct.
Does the motor buzz when it's started, could be the capacitor or the motor.
Have you tried a second control box? Just because tghe new one is straight out of the box doen't mean that its 100%

January 2011


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