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How can I mend leather boot lining?

I have a pair of Frye boots with leather lining. The lining in one boot is ripped so my foot gets caught when putting them on. If I force my foot into the boot, the lining will rip further. I took it to a shoe repair shop, but they couldn't repair the leather lining. I love these boots and they are still in great shape otherwise. Should I try to adhere the leather lining to the outer boot with glue? Is there a safe product that would keep the leather soft and pliable and that wouldn't bleed through to the outside or damage the boot?

January 2011
You can try using Shoe Goo. It is mainly used to reattach the soles on shoes, but it should work nicely since it is flexible. You should use it in an area with plenty of ventilation and let it cure 72hrs or longer. I don't know why shoe repair shops don't offer a service like this or replace shoe linings.

Tony S
January 2011


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