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40 60 80 lights flashing on chaffoteaux and maurey boiler?

what does this mean the lights are flashing 40, 60, 80. i have no heating and no hot water.

January 2011
it means that your fan doesn't work i asume that you're model is a nectra confort you will have te replace the controle unit or the fan

yorik technician chaffoteaux belgium
May 2011
We had the same problem this week and it was the pcb board. We put in a new one and now everything is working.

January 2011
if it is a MX2 24FF it means fan on but does not activate air pressure switch, but beware they are £40 and it didn't fix the problem.Could be pcb but they are £150

January 2011
If you refer to your boiler manual it will indicate the fault codes you refer to. If you dont have the instructions look on the net and you should find them

Sam White
January 2011


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