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How can i fix my washing machine beko wm6152w?

beko wm6152w washing machine:

washer fills but wont continue thro' set programme to continue washing

when holding the start button for 5 seconds washer empties ok (drain filter clear and pump impeller seems to turn freely)

spin cycle - drains for 5 seconds and then pauses for a while, then drains again, continues to do this until reset manually.


December 2010
can anyone help i need a copy of a maunal of how to run programes on washing machine beko wm6152w
my washing is always on for more than an hour and i do not have a manunal

March 2011
Hi thanks for the quick response ck.

Yes, I tried it again after i sent the first question, when it's re-set from the wash cycle, the pump runs for about 15 seconds and empties the water, it then stands for about a minute and rtns to the 'ready' light.

Sometimes however all the lights go off as if it was 'off' at the mains switch and doesnt come on again until the 'on off' button is pressed off and on again.

Unplugged the washer and checked the connections to the motor and took the top of and cheched the connections to the back of the board - all seemed fine.

Plugged it back in and tried it on a 40' empty wash and the drum turned after filling but seemed to be a funny quiet 'fuzzing / clicking' sound comming from under the washer (motor area??).

Unplugged it again and rechecked, again all seemed fine, put it back on a wash and it filled but didnt continue to turn the drum this time.

Seems like a motor / dodgy connection, what do you think????????

December 2010
when you press and hold the start button for 5 seconds and the pump starts do you allow the machine to run through the reset program and wait for the ready light to come on on its own?

December 2010


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