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Canon Ixus Elf APS Camera failure with lens tube extended?

My Canon Ixus Elf APS Camera (you know, the original Ixus) worked superbly well. It then failed with its lens tube extended and a flashing H (help) symbol in the display. I have removed some screws and the back, but so far have not reached the vital parts. Has anyone else had this problem with the Ixus APS camera (or any other APS or digital camera)? Any assistance appreciated. It seems such a shame to sling it.

December 2004
Hi I had this too. I opened it up and fiddled with the little cog beneath the lens after a couple of attempts it was fine. Opening it up is a bit fiddly so only for the ambicious DIY'er.

November 2007
hi andy
bad news im afraid the camera will require a new shutter the shutter flexi circuit which is an integral part of the shutter has gone and would have to be replaced i have replaced many of these and can be costly

September 2005


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