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My Potterton Performa 24 stopped firing (No Hot water - NoHeating)?

I have potterton performa 24 just above 2 years old combi boiler. It was working fine untill started playing up within last 3-4 months. The problem it had there is a small piece of Plastic Venturi in the middle of outlet exhaust pipe. It melt down 2-3 times. First time engineer done it and went away with £90.00 plus VAT. It melt down within 3 he fixed it free. Third time he says call out charge will be there £60.00 so, I changed it my self. and it was working fine for around 2 months.

Now suddenly while having shower water went cold and fire stopped too. No flame or central heating or Hot water usage ignite any fire or sparks.

I just checked..and Venturi is fine.

What could be the problem ?

Anyone who have Potterton or Baxi knowledge to help me out.

Much appreciated.

Poor Geezar
July 2006
For a start... This venturi should not be melting on a regular basis... Since Potterton launched this boiler; I think I have only ever seen this happen once...

As for it's "new" problem... Is the fan running? Has the appliance gone to "lockout", is there mains electric to the appliance? Check that the appliance has not gone to overheat or has not run low on system pressure (Flashing lights on the front panel).

Unfortunately more information is needed.

July 2006

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