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Hitachi cp-x430 projector picture is dim/faded?

I have a hitachi cp-x430. the picture looks faded. The faded picture is that equivelant when lamp is going bad. I replaced it with a new lamp and it still looks just as faded/dim. What would Cause this and how would repair it?

October 2010
I would disconnect all cables and check to see how the projector menus look. If they are bright, colourful etc you probably have a problem with a cable or the source. If the menu is discoloured or looks yellow with nothing connected to it then you have an internal projector problem. These projectors used organic LCD panels which because of the UV in the lamps are subject to "sunburn" the LCD panels basically yellow and discolour. Usually this happens after 4000 hours of use or sometimes in the 3000 hour if dirty conditions raise internal temperatures.
Depending on age, how many lamps etc will determine what you do next. First reset the projector to default settings
If still dim and faded, then I would pull of the top cover and using compressed air when the projector is cold blow out the LCD panels (do not wipe, touch etc) all dust and dirt inside the projector was airborne, and can be remove with air. No touching.

November 2010

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