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Network Problems?

Virgin Broadband to wireless router.Desktop xbox all hard wired to router,all wireless devices working ok.Got a new desktop in another,so hard wired a cat5 to the room from the router,stuck the lap top on the cat5,connects all ok.The problem comes when I connect the cat5 from the router to the new desktop;it sees the connection but will not connect to the internet.If I take the cat5 out from the router and plug directly to the modem[to test] all works ok...any ideas welcome from the world.

George the fifth
October 2010
go into control panel & network connections. highlight local area connection, right click & click on properties.
(new window opens) scroll through options & highlight tcp/ip if there are 2 highlight ipv4 not ipv6. next click properties & check that it is not set to manual ip, make sure both boxes stating automatic are ticked. it should then pick up the correct ip address with router connected. if it doesnt reboot modem only.

colin groves
October 2010

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