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My Pc keeps losing internet connection but laptop is ok?

My Pc keeps losing connection to the internet. ive just installed a wireless adapter as I needed to move the PC to another room. It keeps saying not connected then it reconnects and then disconnect again as short while later - continually! Its really annoying, We also have a laptop and a PS3 which are connected to the wireless router and they seem OK which suggests its something to do the PC settings or the adaptor! Anyone got any suggestions?

September 2010
so first of all i take it you are using a wirless adapter that plugs in via a usb port. i also had the same sort of problem for ages till i figured it out. First of all if your wireless router came with an installation disk run that other wise your adapter will not do much at all second of all if you have set a password try changing it with the software that comes with the disk. if this does not help i would then recommend into a computer store and asking them what they think the problem is and who knows they might be able to fix it and not cost you a cent but i hope this helps (it might also have something to do with your virus protection software try disabelling your firewall)

October 2010

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