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C&K Systems Securit 800L?

Just had a full power cut on our street for about half an hour. My house alarm sounded full for about 10 minutes then just went off. When the power came back I can't reset the alarm to "daytime" by following the user manual & the box above the control panel is making an annoying electrical buzzing. There is power to the control panel as it lights up & beeps as normal when I enter my code. There is also power to the motion sensors & window sensors. Please can anyone help without me having to pay someone a load of money to come out & press a button for me! Thanks

September 2010
Just press the hash key and it stops beeping!

August 2012
when changing battery is it black wire to red and red to black? i pulled it off without checking

March 2011
after you have changed the battery,try keying in the factory code,user 1234,the panel may have reverted back to factory settings,if it has,you will need to reprog the panel,it has a preset setting,but this may not suit your needs,

September 2010
When was the last time the battery was changed?

Thats the problem.............

As for the other box buzzing..........extra power supply, a well a what?

Batteries should be tested and alarms serviced to prevent the above
September 2010


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