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Steamer on Krups Coffee Machine?

I have a Krups coffee machine and steamer won't work. Perhaps I am using wrongly. Have cleaned nozzle and machine. Not sure how to work it. Please help. Carol

September 2010
KRUPS Espresso XP2000
I had the same problem however ...... patients is a virtue! ....
(i) Fill the tank (on LHS) at the back.
(ii) Depress "espresso" button (it will light up).
(iii) Turn lever from "O" to "W" the"W" light will come on.
(iv) When "W" light goes off (long wait) hold milk jug
(or cup) under steam arm.
(v) Switch lever to "puff icon" (full anti-clockwise).
(vi) Hold jug (or cup) in place until milk is hot or frothy.
(vii) By which time you will need the coffee! Job done!

The knack is waiting till light goes off.

October 2010


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