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How do I turn on the Logik MP3 Player - Model LOGMP31002 so the power stays?

On my Logik MP3 Player - Model LOGMP31002,
When I turn it on using the play/pause/stop button it lights up & then reads byebye & then the power goes off

John Harris
August 2010
do u still have it? (I got the same but in order to fix ir I need to get the original firmware)

In ur case I think urs needs simply to be re-formatted as probably the firmware installed is corrupted (and assuming the battery is not the issue as well as u didnt try any modifications of the original firmware, including loading another firmware)
how re-format ur logik?
take the battery off
push and hold the on/off button
then connect the player to an usb port of ur pc, and dont forget to keep holding the on/off button until the player is recognized by the pc as a "removable device".
then if all went good, right-click on the icon of the removable device (u'll find this in the folder "pc resources"). and u'll see a mini menu, among the available voices it should be also "format". follow the simple instructions and then the memory of the player will be erased and yet the built-in firmware (and hopefully uncorrupted) will be set up again.

my email is devidarla(AT)

January 2013
mine is junk

December 2010

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